Nurses in the Medical Device Industry

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Nurses in the Medical Device Industry


Nurses in the medical device and pharmaceutical spaces address a need for those with clinical expertise to pivot careers as clinical educators, product development specialists, or medical science liaisons.

About This Course

In this micro-credential, you will explore the medical device industry, innovation and engineering, regulatory standards, ethical and legal considerations, clinical leadership in the industry, medical device education, tactics and sales, and short- and long-term strategies.*

Course at a Glance

This course is divided into the following modules:

Module One: Investigating the Role of the RN in the Medical Device Industry

Module Two: New Product Development and Risk Mitigation

Module Three: The Medical Device Life Cycle and the Role of the Clinical Leader

Module Four: Legal and Ethical Considerations of New Product Development and Marketing Strategies

Module Five: Understanding Regulatory Controls and the Financial Aspects of the Medical Device/Pharma Industries


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