Writing for Life: Leveraging AI and Other Tools

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Format: Self-paced

Writing for Life: Leveraging AI and Other Tools


You will expand your understanding of the fundamental writing skills needed for the globalized, digital world in personal and professional settings.

About This Course

This micro-credential will show that writing holds the power to benefit or hinder you professionally, personally, or in social media settings. Areas of focus include the role of writing in all areas of life, especially the relationship between the message, the writer, and the reader; the importance of punctuation fundamentals; and the impact words have on a local and global scale. This micro-credential will explain how effective writing can help throughout the job search process as well as how to brand oneself appropriately on social media. Digital tools, including artificial intelligence (AI), will be examined to show the benefits when used responsibly and with awareness of potential pitfalls.

Course at a Glance

This course is divided into the following eight modules:

Module 1: Writing for Life: What Does that Mean?

Module 2: Audience and Purpose: All Writing has Both

Module 3: Writing AI: Understanding Appropriate Use

Module 4: The Details are Important

Module 5: Emailing: Clear, Concise, Correct, and Calm

Module 6: Building Yourself Up or Sabotaging Yourself: Writing in the Professional Setting

Module 7: Social Media: Worlds Colliding

Module 8: Writing Across the Globe: Becoming Responsible Global Citizens


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